Area52 & iPhone

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with a highly skilled Mac and iPhone developer; Cormac Daly. This now gives Area52 an outlet for mobile app ideas and expands the range of innovation one step further. We are currently working on 3 new apps, and hope to have our first app submitted to the Apple App Store within a few weeks. We’ll be using this blog to release our apps, and give news on any updates or projects in the pipeline.

Cormac is a software professional with a substantial background in the production of commercial Cocoa-based applications, primarily using the Objective-C and C++ languages. He has a demonstrable record of delivering quality products for Mac OS X to demanding deadlines, and of working adeptly at all stages of the development lifecycle. He is proficient in the conception and implementation of cutting-edge, creative software products, in both team-based and solo environments.

In other words, we are very glad to have him on-board!

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